Samsung UN46F6300 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz Slim Smart LED HDTV

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The Samsung UN46F6300 46-Inch.This particular unit has 76 reviews, out of the 76 reviews 43 gave it five stars, four gave it one star.
As you can see this unit definitely is a great buy let’s start the review. It has a great sharp image with high contrast, the blacks seem to be very deep on this clams most of the reviews and it has a great 10 point white balance it also has an incredibly large amount of features so you can get the best picture quality possible. Apparently it’s PC mode is pretty adequate the colors can be moved around and change if you want to, and it’s a great computer monitor. Also the PC mode is incredibly fast, so is the game mode. One of the big things about this unit that’s incredibly important, it has four HDMI ports which is something that most people who use a lot of devices understand is an important factor when searching for a good TV especially when you want to hook up an Xbox, PlayStation, and a Wii. Most display settings can be saved in separate categories. It has a movie mode for Blu-ray and other videos you can set the backlight quality, you also can control the contrast as well. You can adjust the brightness to wherever you want and also the sharpness, the color, the picture size or you can use screen fit. It has various advanced settings such as color space dynamic contrast and also gamma picture options, it also includes color tone auto motion plus and both noise filters. The game mode includes its own settings as well, such as backlight contrast, brightness, sharpness, color, picture size, color space, dynamic contrast, Gamma picture options and colored. This is incredible you can pretty much make any recalibration that you need to make so that you get the best picture quality out of every single mode that you switch it to, so every single mode basically has its own settings, the game mode the PC mode and your regular TV mode as well so you can adjust each one to their perfect calibrations to make sure you get the perfect user experience no matter which application you’re using. This is a wonderful TV set I definitely will recommend this one, I’m probably going to give the Samsung UN46F6300 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz Slim Smart LED HDTV a good 9 out of 10 because I like the way it looks and I like all the setting options that  it has.
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