Samsung UN32EH5300 32-Inch 1080p 60 Hz LED HDTV (Black)

"samsung oled tv"/The Samsung UN32EH5300 32-Inch. This being a 1080 P TV definitely gives it some ups. As a direct array of LED lighting so Samsung definitely gets points for switching their backlighting from CCFL to LED because the improvements definitely are visible. The blacks are deep which is a plus when it comes to HDTV’s. It definitely has a great built-in Wi-Fi system which helps you locate the server and screen videos faster and longer without clips or cuts or buffering. It’s a very lightweight TV easy to carry no need for assistance with setting up which is great because most 32 inches are for single bedrooms. It has three HDMI ports which is great when you’re hooking up different game systems like if you want your Xbox 360 Wii and PlayStation hooked up at the same time and you don’t want to transfer and switch from HDMI cable to HDMI cable. It has two USB ports including one that has extra power for portable hard drives so therefore you can connect all your files and basically turn your Tv into your own personal computer. Also it has a media player so you can play your MP3s or wav files. You also can hook your mouse up to the USB or you can hook your keyboard up to USB as well basically turning your Tv into your own home computer. It does have a semi glossy screen which could be a problem in certain lights. Its sound quality isn’t necessarily the best but you shouldn’t expect excellent sound quality from a TV straight out the box unless it comes with a dock. The base doesn’t swivel which can be a problem if you want to move it because you’re in a different position or if you have company over. It also has no Svideo port which definitely can be a problem if your trying to hook up various devices to the TV a S video port is incredibly important when it comes to this aspect of your entertainment experience. Apparently the user interface is a little bit clunky it can slow down your surfing but realistically if you have a good Internet service provider this wont be an issue. Regardless of all this the image quality of it is great it’s a great TV is worth the price Samsung is a great company I recommend any of their products. I think im going to give this TV a 8 1/2 out of 10.
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