Samsung UN32EH4003 32-inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black)

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The Samsung Un32EH4003 32-Inch.The jury is out on this Tv and it looks like another great set by Samsung. I’ll go over most of the reviews on and it has 453 reviews. 280 people give it five stars 107 people give it four stars and 18 people give it one star. I was checking this set to see why these people rated it so high and why some people rated it low. Let the review began. First off people are loving the price of this TV, it’s only $247.99, a excellent price for a 32 inch TV especially with HD quality. They also say that it has great picture quality especially for this extremely low price which is surprising because usually when a 32 inch sells for this low the picture quality seems to be sacrificed in the process. They also said it has very good side viewing angles which is a plus as well. It has easy set up and connects to anything, your cable box and all your media players including your Xbox your PlayStation or your Nintendo. It also has an extremely vast amount of picture and sound settings to make sure you get the exact quality out of the product that you deserve. The motion sensor seems to be running great so therefore you can play games on this set. It seems like when things start to move a little fast on-screen there is a lil blur because it doesn’t have a good motion sense, things can start to get a little bit choppy. People are also enjoying the great energy Star cost about $6-$13 per year to operate, the sound is really crazy especially for a 32in TV but it seems to be pretty accurate. Unfortunately the sound presets aren’t necessarily the best but they can be adjusted manually so that necessarily isn’t a huge deal. There can be a little bit of backlight bleed but not so much to the point where it becomes a problem. Overall after looking at this TV, I would say that it’s actually a pretty superb product, and I would recommend it on the market any day. When it comes to Samsung they make wonderful products and they've done it again with this one if you’re looking for a good 32 inch or your not trying to pay $300-$400 and you want high quality HD then I would definitely go with this Samsung model right here. Im going to give the Samsung UN32EH4003 32-inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black) a 8 1/2 out of 10.
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